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How To Build A Chicken Coop In Your Backyard

How To Build A Chicken Coop In Your Backyard

How To Build A Chicken Coop In Your Backyard
Raising chickens at home can provide a number of benefits, from tasty eggs every day to natural manure for your garden and home-grown pest control. Your backyard chickens will need a place to live. Coops can be ordered online as almost completely constructed structures or as kits that you can put together yourself. However, you can also build cheap chicken coops yourself from the ground up. It's not hard to do once you have some instructions to follow.

As with any building project you do around your home, you first need to draw up some plans. You may be tempted to free-hand draw some plans on a piece of paper or even start building without any plans, but you may find you soon run into dilemmas you didn't foresee. It's best to use detailed blueprints that provide clear instructions and diagrams.

The size and shape of your coop is determined by the number of chickens you plan to raise and their access to an outside run. Chickens need a minimum of four feet per bird, and ten feet per bird is preferable if they don't get outside. If you want to save as much money as possible by using materials already available, you'll need to look for wood previously used for other projects or scrap wood left over from construction jobs. Your neighbors or a hardware or home improvement store may be a good source of wood.

Chicken coops can be either stationary or portable housing for your flock. Stationary coops are generally used with larger flocks of chickens, while a movable chicken coop is ideal for a smaller group of birds. A portable coop can be moved to make it easier to clean or if issues arise with its present location. A small chicken coop with wheels on its legs is an excellent way to move your coop around your yard when necessary.

Your chickens will need some natural light in their home, so you have to plan where you're going to place the window in your coop. Natural sunlight plays a very important role in keeping your chickens healthy and determining when they lay their eggs as well as the number they lay. All backyard chicken coops need natural light so that you won't have to invest in electric lights, but the light that comes in through the window shouldn't shine directly on the birds. You can experiment to see how to position the coop in your yard to meet these requirements.

The chicken coop also needs to get plenty of light itself. This will help prevent the ground surrounding the coop from becoming too damp, which can cause health problems for the chickens as they scratch around in the dirt. During cold and cloudy months, supplemental electrical lighting might be necessary. By following these steps to build a chicken coop, you can soon be enjoying the benefits of having chickens on your premises.

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